Vermouths & distillations

Vermouths & distillations

The ideal aperitif

Originating in Northern Italy, Vermouth, or flavored wine, is the ideal drink for an aperitif, or for a "long-drink" at the end of a meal. Discover also our selection of spirits and cocktails from Empirical Spirits, the Danish stars of the sector.

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The art of distillation

Aromas magnified with care

Concentrating and capturing aromas is the primary goal of distillation. The art of distillation and its derivatives is centuries old and has been passed down through the ages to us. Fruits, cereals, vegetables, everything that can be eaten or drunk can also be distilled! Empirical spirits in Copenhagen, Denmark have taken the art of distillation to levels worthy of fine dining. Koji barley, vacuum distillation at low temperature to preserve the aromas, high quality ingredients and controlled provenance, a real taste journey.

Fruit brandies, a Valaisan tradition, are part of the Swiss culinary heritage, from abricotine to williamine, including apples and plums. Ideal to finish a meal in beauty, helping digestion and leading to philosophise on the beauty of these flavors.

Vermouth, originally from Northern Italy, typical of the Asti and Turin area, was once sold in pharmacies as a medicine, prepared with wine, herbs and alcohol, making it the ideal aperitif for all occasions...

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