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Valais, Switzerland

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Born under a lucky star in the Valais, Arthur Vocat has had a passion for wine running through his veins from an early age. After taking his first steps with Marie-Thérèse Chappaz in Fully, over the years he developed his professional project, bottling one vintage of wine per year. The stated objective? 50 vinifications. After a promising start, this is a project to be followed very closely...

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Arthur Vocat at a glance

RegionsVaud and Valais
Grape varietiesChasselas, Gamay
First vintage2022
Our favoritePétillant de Chasselas

50 vintages

Arthur Vocat is the name of the estate and the wines, but above all it's the character, Arthur.

Born in Martigny, Valais, in 1995. Apprenticeship as a viticulturist with Marie-Thérèse Chappaz in Fully in 2014, he continues his training with Raymond Paccot in Féchy and Mauro Ortelli in Corteglia, Ticino. Leaving the vines for the school benches, Arthur finishes his Bachelor's degree in viticulture and oenology at Changins in 2019, where he also make his first attempts at winemaking, in 2018, with a Chasselas on lees already approaching the codes of natural wine.

With his degree in hand, he returned to his native Valais, to Martigny, where he joined the family distillery, a fifth-generation member of the famous Morand dynasty. In charge of research and development within the family business, he honed not only his experience but also his viticultural ambitions.

A simple observation - that a winegrower vinifies no more than fifty vintages in his lifetime - was the starting point for his project to make 50 vintages of his own wines during his lifetime. And to do it now, with or without vines!

From his mentor Marie-Thérèse Chappaz he learned the importance of biodynamics and respect for nature. To make good wine, you need good grapes. So Arthur set about sourcing the best possible raw materials, starting in the Canton of Vaud, at Domaine du Brantard, owned by his friend Antoine Sauty. The grape varieties of choice? Gamay and Chasselas, for their drinkability, ease of access and propensity to make perfect "thirst-quenching" wines.

The grapes are selected, plot by plot, from vines cultivated organically or even biodynamically, and the yeasts are indigenous, to respect the grapes and the expression of their terroir. The resulting wines stand out for their freshness, fruitiness and stability. Wines that offer real tasting pleasure from an early age.

Grapes vinified in Perroy, on the Côte, at the home of a school friend he met at Changins, a fresh, crisp Gamay, Shaft, in 2020 and a natural sparkling Chasselas, pssshaft, in 2021, will enable him to wipe the slate clean and perfect his style, before launching into the first real vintage of the 50 he has set his sights on, in 2022, with a still Chasselas and its sparkling alter-ego, two bombs not to be missed under any circumstances...

Arthur Vocat is wine, and it's Arthur, a name proudly displayed on his bottles, a mark of his curiosity and constant quest for quality.

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Distillerie Louis Morand

Anyone who has ever spent an evening in a carnotzet, or a day skiing, in the Valais is bound to be familiar with the magnificent products of the Morand distillery. Apricotine, Williamine and other eaux-de-vie punctuate any self-respecting meal, in the purest Valais tradition.

Recipes handed down from generation to generation since 1889! And an adventure that young Arthur joined in 2019, taking over the reins of research and development, the proud first member of the fifth generation to contribute his stone to the century-old family edifice...

The city of Martigny, Switzerland

photo credit : Christophe Voisin

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