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Aimé Duveau, the "son of" and Claire Sage, of Catalan origin, are based in the Haute-Loire, on the southern edge of the Auvergne, in the small village of Chanteuges. Belly Wine Experiment is a collective project that explores fermentation without limits or preconceptions. Pear ciders, wines, blends of grape varieties, négoce and viticulture, a universe in which we dive head first...


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Cultivated grapesGamay d'Auvergne, Xarel-Lo, Riesling...
First vintage2019
Our favoritesCuvée Experiment, Poiré

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Belly Wine Experiment is the joint project of Claire Sage and Aimé Duveau. Claire, of Catalan origin, has been immersed in the world of natural wine by collaborating with brother Adrien, importer and distributor of Spanish wines through his company Diaita Hedeos. Selling wine to restaurateurs and wine merchants between the south of France and Paris, Claire finally gave in to the call of the countryside and the Auvergne when she met with Manuel Duveau.

Aimé is none other than the son of Manu Duveau, Catherine Dumora's former partner with whom he had founded L'Egrapille estate. Manu still lives in the village of Blanzat, an hour and a half north of Chanteuges, where he still cultivates some vines and ferments apples, pears and grapes under the name Yahou Fatal. Although he also accompanies his father on his dry-stone building sites, Aimé has always been involved in the natural wine business and it was only a short step from there to start.

It is thus under the benevolent eye of Manu that Aimé and Claire start in 2019 with a Poiré and a first Cuvée Experiment, a blend of Xarel-Lo picked up at Toni Carbó's Finca la Salada in Catalonia and Gamay d'Auvergne de Blanzat. In 2020 they moved to Chanteuges, with their spouses and friends, in an old building that they renovated little by little and the business developed, between their négoce and dreams of planting their own vines.

The work in the cellar is as natural as possible, the blends daring and the results surprising. A duo to follow closely...

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