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Emélie Hurtubise & Raphaël Beysang

Emélie & Raphaël

Emélie, from Quebec, and Raphaël, from Alsace, met at Justine and Patrick Bouju's Domaine de la Bohème in Auvergne, but it was in the southern Beaujolais region that they set down their suitcases to begin their joint project. Gamay, nothing but Gamay, straightforward and sharp wines, wines with a crazy energy, true concentrates of life, just like this so endearing couple... 

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Emélie & Raphaël at a glance

Cultivated grapesGamay
First vintage2017
Size4.5 hectares
Our favoritesEnculés, J'aime JM

The quiet strength

Recently settled in the south of Beaujolais, much closer to Lyon than to Mâcon, Raphaël Beysang and Emélie Hurtubise are the young winemakers to follow! He is from Alsace, his parents are restaurant owners but his grandfather is a winegrower. He started at Patrick Meyer's, then at Jean-Marc Dreyer's, where he met Vincent Marie... he then left for the Auvergne and it was at Vincent's that he met Patrick Bouju where he ended up working.

Emélie is originally from Canada and then left for Japan where she met Justine Loiseau, Patrick Bouju's wife. She followed her to the Auvergne and replaced Raphaël, a meeting that was the beginning of their adventure together.

They settled in Saint-Germain-Nuelles in 2017, and gently cultivate nearly 7 hectares, biodynamically, vinifying a large part of their grapes and selling the rest to their friends in the Auvergne, notably Vincent Marie who thus elaborates his CBGB cuvée, understanding C'est Bon le Gamay Beaujolais. Clay-limestone, granite, alluvial soils, blue stone granites... but only Gamay!

The year 2021 marks an important turning point, the couple separates themselves from certain vines, too far away from others in leasehold, to concentrate on the hard core of the estate, their owned vines and their best terroirs. They welcomed a horse to work the soil, which arrived with its companions, a donkey and ... a llama! New plots and new desires, cereals, fruit trees, and some white grape varieties are also planted.

Dedicated work in the vineyard, and "zero-zero" vinifications that follow the strong principles and clear vision of Emélie and Raphaël. The wines are of a rare purity, crisp and crunchy, light and inviting for a second glass - fortunately Emélie and Raphaël only bottle their wines in litres or magnums. The bottles are mostly recycled, again to keep their philosophy to the end.

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The village of Saint-Germain-Nuelles, France

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