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Savoie, France

Jean-Yves Péron


Nestled on the heights of Albertville, in Savoie, Jean-Yves Péron offers a unique vision of the key grape varieties of this alpine region. Long macerations of Altesse or Jacquère, with a disconcerting complexity, fresh and silky Mondeuse, Olympic wines of great ageing potential, shining with subtlety...

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Jean-Yves Péron at a glance

Cultivated grapesMondeuse, Altesse, Jacquère...
First vintage2004
Size2 hectares
Our favoritesCôtillon des Dames, Vers la Maison Rouge

The art of maceration

Born in Savoie, Jean-Yves first studied biochemistry, before the call of the wine led him to Bordeaux for a training in oenology, at the end of the 1990s. Jean-Yves made his first winemaking steps with the great Thierry Allemand, in Cornas, then with Bruno Schueller, in Alsace, before flying to Oregon in the United States and then New Zealand.

With his rich baggage in hand, he returned to his native Savoie and settled down in 2004 in Chevaline, on the shores of Lake Annecy, and gleaned some 2 hectares of old Mondeuse vines, at altitudes of 400 and 600m, on the terroirs of Conflans, a medieval site on the outskirts of Albertville, and then other vines on the side of Fréterive, in the valley of the Isère. Mica-schist soils, south-facing terraced vines, aged from 30 to over 120 years, planted in goblets or stakes and cultivated from the start in biodynamic methods by Jean-Yves. In addition to the Mondeuse and Jacquère of the early days, came over the years old local grape varieties , such as the rare Persan, Altesse or Bergeron.

No weedkillers, no fertilisers or synthetic treatments, the vines are alive, and cared for with horsetail or nettle, and the minimum necessary copper or sulphur.

Most of the wines are vinified in carbonic maceration, the duration varying according to the cuvées, and the wines are aged in barrels of two to three wines, on lees, or in amphoras. Maceration is particularly well controlled for the white grape varieties, giving rise to wines of rare depth and complexity for these Alpine varieties, inspired by the orange wines of northern Italy, so dear to Jean-Yves. Fresh, sapid wines with an inimitable character.

Recently, Jean-Yves moved into a new cellar, a splendid working tool, on the heights of Albertville, as close as possible to his vines. The barrels are meticulously stacked there, giving the wines time to develop in complete tranquillity.

The wines often bear the name of their parcel, or of a lieu-dit, and the labels are distinguished from one another by their colour, more sober for the reds, more striking for the whites. All little jewels to be appreciated over and over again...

I Vicini

Since 2011, Jean-Yves Péron has developed a négoce activity, buying grapes from organic winegrowers around the domain, in order to explore new terroirs, new grape varieties... After the catastrophic frost of 2016, Jean-Yves went beyond the borders of his Savoie heartland to Alsace, where the Les Voisins cuvées were born, with grapes from elsewhere vinified at home, with his inimitable touch.

After Alsace came Piedmont, a region particularly dear to Jean-Yves, where, with the help of his friend Pietro Vergano, he recovers, year after year, Barbera, Grignolino, Cortese or Moscato, giving birth to the sublime I Vicini cuvées, another look at this region which is not that far from Savoie...

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