Flanders, Belgium


Tom & Wim

Kortenaken, a small village about an hour's drive from Brussels. It is there, in a barn next to the family house, that Tom Jacobs, together with his brother Wim, makes ciders, beers, wines and all kinds of blends of one with the other in his "fermentation house". Surprising, complex, accomplished beverages. Perfect antidotes to all ills...


Antidoot at a glance

ProductionBeers, ciders, natural wine
Our favoritesL'Ambigu Riesling, L'Illuminée Kriek-Framboise

Wilde Fermenten

A former philosophy teacher, Tom started brewing beer and producing cider, initially as a passion and hobby, before really taking the plunge in 2018, alongside his brother Tim, by creating Antidoot Wilde Fermenten.

Cider, beer, natural wine and a bit of all three blended together. The place where the magic happens? A barn that looks quite discreet from the outside, built right next to his family home in Kortenaken, Flanders. It's a far cry from the bustling neighbourhoods of Leuven, which Tom and his wife Kristien left to settle in the countryside with their two children.

Like others, Tom started by picking abandoned apples in the surrounding orchards to make his first ciders. The fruit was richer and larger than the varieties used locally for apple juice. Then, little by little, he selected his own varieties from France and England and today has an orchard of about thirty trees. After harvesting, the apples are fermented and matured in old wine barrels, and often mixed with herbs, spices or other fruits, often from his own garden.

Although this was not part of the original plan, Tom has planted some 900 vines, mainly Cabernet Jura and Gewürztraminer, at the bottom of his garden, which Tom and Wim use in their ciders and beers.

The beers themselves also break free from all styles and codes, often mixed with grapes, fruits, herbs or plants. There is no shortage of experimentation, and each season brings its share of novelties, adding to the excitement of discovering the new vintages.

The Fountain of Youth

Anti-doot, literally anti-death in Dutch, is the name Tom and Wim chose for their brewery-cidery. A friend of Tom's designed their logo, inspired by the story of Samson in the Bible, whose very birth is a miracle, given birth by a barren mother.

One can only imagine that by tasting Antidoot's unique and rare beverages one can postpone the fateful moment a little...

The village of Kortenaken, Belgium

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