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Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Al di là del Fiume

Danila & Gabriele

In the heart of Emilia Romagna, in Marzabotto, Danila Mongardi and Gabriele Monti do their best to be at one with the nature that surrounds them on nearly 27 hectares, producing fruit, vegetables and, of course, a bit of wine too, from the property's 4 hectares of vines...

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Al di là del Fiume at a glance

Size4 hectares
Cultivated grapesBarbera, Pignoletto, Albana
First vintage2006
Our favoritesFricandó, Dagamò

Beyond the river…

Al di là del Fiume, literally, "beyond the river", in Italian, in reference to the small river that must be crossed to reach the estate.

Not just a vineyard, but a whole farm where they believe in the power of the earth and the interconnection of all the elements, the moon, the planets, or the cycle of the seasons. It is in this place, southwest of Bologna, in the heart of Emilia Romagna, that Danila Mongardi and Gabriele Monti try to become one with the cosmos, and work to produce the best grapes.

The Al di là del fiume estate has always had vineyards, since ancient times, but it was in 2006 that the wine-growing adventure really began again, when Danila and Gabriele decided to plant 3 hectares of vines in an area where the ancients claimed the best wines of the Apennines were made! Rich clay soils, fertilized with a mixed plant cover, to provide the vine with all the nutrients it needs, as naturally as possible.

Barbera, Pignoletto, Albana... the local grape varieties are honoured! The estate now covers 4 hectares, 2 of Barbera, 1 of Albana and 1 of Pignoletto.

The vinification is not very interventionist and the wines are aged in amphorae, notably for the Fricando, an orange wine from Albana, or the Dagamo, a fresh and crisp Barbera, like the one the old farmers used to drink on Sundays after mass.

The wines are elegantly charming, silky and gentle, without ever overdoing anything. A passionate and respectful work, to discover...

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In the dialect of the Bologna region, the word "Zirudèla" refers to the little stories told about the family by the grandmothers, during celebrations such as weddings.

For Al di là del Fiume, the Zirudèla is a bit like the wine that represented all this beautiful family, mixing all the white grape varieties planted and vinified on the estate. It marvellously combines the tannic side of Albana with the aromatic perfumes of Montuni. A wine that tells stories, in its own way...

The village of Marzabotto, Italy

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