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Catherine Dumora, a name that has resonated in Auvergne for many years now. First alongside Manu Duveau, with whom they formed the duo Yahou Fatal and L'Egrappille, then in Châteaugay, and now flying on her own wings, further south, in Lamontgie, where L'Egrappille is enjoying a second youth since the 2019 vintage...

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L'Egrappille at a glance

Cultivated grapesGamay, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
First vintage2013
Our favoritesEGRAPI(J), G(U)RI

100% belles grappes

The first years of her adult life, Catherine devoted to anthropology, from the luxuriant forests of Brazil to the deserts of Morocco, she contemplated and documented the life of local populations while discovering the world and its cultural riches.

In 2012, destiny led her to Auvergne, where she met Pierre Beauger, who awakened in her a devouring passion for wine, and Manuel Duveau, with whom she shared a few years of life together in the village of Blanzat, on the outskirts of Clermont-Ferrand.

The year 2019 marks a new departure for l'Egrappille, separated from Manuel, Catherine settles in Lamontgie, further south, and recovers old vines on the banks of the river Bansat on sloping hillsides facing west, with a varied terroir of granite, schist, quartz and basalt. A rich biodiversity for plots surrounded by forests and partially worked by horse and treatments are reduced to a minimum while naturally enriching the soil.

To complete her harvest, Catherine rediscovers her old grappling habits, and gleans abandoned plots of land on Le Bon Coin, sometimes as far as the Haute-Loire.

In her cellar in Lamontgie, sandstone jars take pride of place, under the influence of Fred Gounan, and the vinification is done without additives, in the purest respect for the expression of the grape varieties harvested, Gamay, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir... and always in the spirit of her beginnings, 100% beautiful bunches of grapes, not rushing anything, not upsetting anything.

His new cuvées have names evoking tribal traditions, echoing his former life, G(U)RI, N(E)GO, MO(S)O... wines that invite you to dream and escape, true, lively, fine and delicate wines. Wines that will also make history.

Explosive Material

From the union between Catherine Dumora and Manuel Duvot was born, in 2012, the Domaine de l'Egrappille, first a first abandoned plot, then little by little some 2.5 hectares of vines, scattered in some 25 small plots, on the communes of Châteaugay and Blanzat between 320 and 500 meters of altitude.

Their first vintage in 2013 caused a sensation, with historic wines such as Ça, 109 or Explosive Material establishing Catherine's reputation as one of the most talented winemakers of her generation and today delighting the lucky few who have kept some in their cellars...

The village of Lamontgie, France

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