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Auvergne, France

Les Roussilles


In the Carfagna family, we ask for the son... Mattia. After a youth spent on the Isola del Giglio off the coast of Tuscany, where his father Francesco brilliantly runs the Altura estate, Mattia spent many years in Paris between catering and distributing Italian local products. In 2019 he arrived in Auvergne and took over the cellar and vineyards of Catherine and Manu in Châteaugay...

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Les Roussilles at a glance

VillageSerrières en Chautagne
Cultivated grapesGamay d'Auvergne
First vintage2019
Size< 1 hectare
Our favoritesLe Matos, Sérail

Gamay & Parmesan

Mattia Carfagna started making wine at the age of 19 on the Isola del Giglio, off the coast of Tuscany, between Pisa and Rome, facing Corsica. There, he and his family planted terraced vineyards, giving pride of place to native grape varieties such as Ansonaco, Grechetto and Malvasia Nera. A culture of the vine without any products or metals, "nothing in the fields, nothing in the wines", authentic and resolutely Mediterranean wines.

It was to distribute the family wines that Mattia arrived in Paris some fifteen years later, where he worked for a while in the kitchen at the Lapin Blanc, evolved in the restaurant business and brought back from his native Italy local products, Parma ham and Parmesan cheese from his friend Luca Benassi, which he offered at the same time as the wines from his island.

In 2019, his route leads him to Auvergne and more precisely to the small village of Châteaugay, on the outskirts of Clermont-Ferrand, where Catherine Dumora and Manuel Duveau are looking to pass over the vines and the original cellar of Domaine de l'Egrapille. Old Gamay vines, a vegetable garden where he enjoys planting artichokes, tomatoes and courgettes, a rudimentary cellar but impregnated by the magic of its former occupants, Mattia together with partner Chiara have all the cards in hand to start under a good star.

A first vintage in 2019, Le Matos, which he vinifies with grapes bought from a friend and which should allow him to buy the necessary equipment, hence its name... Then follow the 2020s, always with the same desire to not interfere with anything, to produce pure, authentic wines, like on the Isola del Giglio, which is never that far away!

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The village of Châteaugay, France

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