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Auvergne, France

Domaine La Bohème

Justine & Patrick

Justine Loiseau and Patrick Bouju are a reference in the world of natural wine in Auvergne and far beyond. Based in Saint-Georges-sur-Allier, in the heart of this small village on the hillsides south-east of Clermont-Ferrand, they brilliantly vinify the local grape varieties, Pinot Noir and Gamay d'Auvergne, and travel all over France and Europe for their négoce activity, giving birth to all sorts of successful and exciting cuvées, with only their imagination as a limit...

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La Bohème at a glance

Cultivated grapesGamay, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay...
First vintage2004
Size4.7 hectares
our favoritesViolette, Festejar Rosé

The common denominator

There are many winegrowers in the region who are linked in one way or another to Patrick Bouju... Settled in the Puy-de-Dôme since 2004, Patrick cultivates his own vines with his partner Justine Loiseau, abounding in forgotten grape varieties such as Limberger, Mirefleurien, Gamay Fréau or Gamay de Bouze and multiple varieties of Gamay with Petit Grain or Gros Grain. A rare testimony to the region's winegrowing history, at a time when the standardisation of grape varieties has led many winegrowers to uproot these old vines.

As Patrick says "In my wines, there are grapes and sweat", most of the work is done manually, the vines are grassed and no synthetic products are used. In the cellar, in the heart of the village of St-Georges sur Allier, the same principles apply, everything is vinified naturally, the main thing being to bring in healthy, ripe grapes, so that the balance of the wine is achieved, without unnecessary intervention. The wines are vinified and bottled without sulphites, they are free and alive...

In recent years, Justine and Patrick have developed a line of négoce wines, buying grapes in various regions of France, from Beaujolais to the Loire, via the South of France. They also have a string of projects: after A la Natural, they teamed up with the winemaker Jason Ligas and Culinaries, on the Greek island of Samos, for the Sous le végétal line, whose muscats are surprisingly fresh!

Decidedly dynamic, frankly talented, deeply sympathetic... Patrick is one of those winemakers at heart whose magnificent work deserves to be discovered and shared, without moderation.

Domaine La Bohème - the complete range

A la Natural

Never short of ideas and new projects, Patrick joined forces in 2016 with the American rapper Action Bronson and Clovis Ochin, a Parisian distributor and great ambassador of living wine in the capital, to create the A la Natural cuvees. A white, a red, a whimsical label, blends of grape varieties for an ephemeral wine, which through its two vintages will have left a mark in the world of natural wine and far beyond...

The village of Saint-Georges-sur-Allier, France

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