Haute-Savoie, France

Brasserie des Voirons

Barbara & Christophe

After having run an inn in the heart of the village for 9 years, Christophe and Barbara launched themselves in 2013 by taking over the Brasserie des Voirons, in Haute-Savoie just 30 minutes from Geneva. To the more classic line of LUG Blonde, Rousse and Brune are added the famous Bières Vivantes, associating the brews with herbs, fruits, wine lees, with for only limit the overflowing imagination of Christophe...


La Brasserie des Voirons at a glance

Brewed beersLambic, Blond, White
First brew2013
Our favoritesLUG Brune, Bières Vivantes

Bières vivantes

Barbara, originally from the Loire region, fell into the pot of wine with her father, Bernard Girard, a wine merchant in Poitiers, who took her on a tour of the vineyards with him and awakened her vocation. A dancer at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, she travelled throughout Europe and danced with the greatest, Béjart, Charrat, Beaumont... before returning to Poitiers to her father where she continued her wine apprenticeship. It was then that she met Christophe, who had just finished first in his class at the hotel school.

Christophe started his career behind the stove, from the Tour d'Argent in Paris to London, from the Negresco in Nice to the Reserve in Geneva... until he and Barbara opened their own establishment, Le Bonheur dans le Pré, in 2003, a guest house surrounded by fields, in Lucinges, with seasonal products and a 100% natural wine list.

In 2013, turning the page on the restaurant business, the couple took over the micro Brasserie des Voirons, located in the village. Pure, crystal-clear water from the Evian water table at an altitude of 710 metres in the French Alps, organic barley and hops from Germany and Belgium, and always the same creativity and desire to do well.

Their beers, with refermentation in the bottle, unfiltered and unpasteurised, quickly met with deserved success and are enjoyed on the greatest tables in France and the world... Precision work that bears fruit, maturation and fermentation in stoneware jars or barrels gleaned from winegrower friends, macerations of plants picked by starred chefs in the Alps, citrus fruits from the Mediterranean coast, a collaboration with the Arbre à Café, nothing stops Christophe!

Brasserie des Voirons - the complete range

Mi-food mi-raisin

It's hard to leave the restaurant business completely behind, as Barbara and Christophe are so passionate about it! That's why, for almost 10 years, until spring 2020, the couple has been running a small dining cellar, Mi-Food Mi-Raisin, in the heart of the Eaux-Vives district in Geneva.

A cellar, a wine bar, a place for sharing and conviviality, and an embassy for the magnificent work done at the Brasserie des Voirons, the address has since been taken over and continues to transmit the same values dear to the couple.

The village of Lucinges, France

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