Sparkling wines

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Bubbles in all shapes and forms

Champagne, Crémant, Pet'Nat, Frizzante, Ancestral... there is no shortage of terms to describe sparkling wines, depending on their geographical origin, their Appellation Contrôlée, or the way they are made. In Champagne, the traditional method, or "Champenoise", implies the re-fermentation of a basic wine in the bottle, a method also used for Crémants and some sparkling wines. As for Pet'Nat, or natural sparkling, what the Catalans call "Ancestrales", it involves bottling the wine during fermentation, often just a few days after the harvest, and thus trapping the fermentation in the bottle, resulting in a sparkling wine full of energy and pep that is often recommended to be disgorged. Bubbles are synonymous with celebration, so what better way to prepare for your next celebration than to have plenty of choice!

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