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Franconia, Germany

Wein Goutte

Emily & Christoph

Wein Goutte, a nomadic project of Emily Campeau and Christoph Müller, she a Quebecer, he a German, who met during the harvest at Franz Weninger's in Austria in 2018. After a first vintage vinified in Hungary, four wines, vermouths and even a cider, they take their bags to Germany where they settled in a beautiful farm in Franconia for their new chapter...

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Vinified grapesSylvaner, Weissburgunder...
First vintage2019
Our favoritesPanic on the Boat, Wermoutte Batch #5

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Emily Campeau, originally from Quebec, trained at the École Hôtelière de Montréal Calixa-Lavallée. She made her professional debut in the kitchen in Montreal, Vancouver and then joined Hélène Darroze's team in Paris. It was there that she met chef Frédéric Duca, who would call upon her a few years later to open the wine restaurant Racines in New York. In 2016, back to her roots, Emily took the reins of the wine program at Candide restaurant in Montreal, a position she still holds today, managing the menu and the team remotely...

Christoph, originally from Swabia in southwestern Germany, also began his career in the kitchen. After some years, his growing interest in the world of wine made him take the plunge and he studied oenology and viticulture in Neustadt and made his first experiences first with Clemens Buch in Mosel, then with Franz Weninger on the Austrian-Hungarian border.

It is there, at Franz Weninger's in 2018, when Emily comes to spend a few weeks in internship for the harvest that they meet. Love at first sight. Emily returned to Montreal to pack her bags and joins Christoph in Europe. They settled on the Hungarian border, where Christoph manages that part of the Weninger estate.

During the 2019 harvest, they have the opportunity to vinify some of the grapes harvested for the Weningers and occupy a corner of the cellar with their barrels of Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt or Pinot Noir, a few demijohns of vermouths or bottles of piquette. Emily and Christoph like to experiment, test, refine... and their creativity, as well as their talent, is overflowing.

All the grapes come from organically grown and biodynamic vines. The work in the cellar is minimalist, spontaneous fermentations, no filtering, a subtle caretaking until the bottling. The vermouths, a drink that the couple is particularly fond of, are flavored with herbs from their garden, where all kinds of fruits and vegetables also grow.

In the spring of 2021, a new chapter was written as Emily and Christoph packed their bags for Germany and arrived in Hüttenheim, Franconia, in the center of the country. They moved in with Linda and Erhard Hassold, with whom they share the 3.5 hectares of vineyards that have been managed organically since 1991, where Silvaner, Weissburgunder, Schwarzriesling and hybrid grape varieties are grown.

The village of Hüttenheim, Germany

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