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La Vinicola di Antonio Gismondi

Anabel & Antonio

Anabel and Antonio Gismondi are based in the Benevente mountains, north-east of Naples, in southern Italy. Antonio's family has been working the land of Cerreto Sannita for generations, cultivating autochthonous grape varieties such as Malvasia di Candia, Falanghina or Sangiovese. Since 2019, the grapes that were previously sold to the cooperative winery have been vinified by the couple, for an exhilarating result of southern aromas and mountain freshness...


La Vinicola Gismondi at a glance

VillageCerreto Sannita
Size2 hectares
Cultivated grapesFalanghina, Malvasia, Sangiovese, Freisa...
First vintage2019
Our favoritesPietre, Cerreto

Cerreto Sannita

The Gismondi family has always roamed the mountainous hillsides of Cerreto Sannita, a small village in Benevento, an hour northeast of Naples. Antonio's parents, Maria and Pasquale, sold most of the grapes to the local cooperative winery, while producing a little wine for family consumption.

Antonio, far from his native Italy, ran a restaurant in the Catalan village of Bonastre, a few hundred metres from the Partida Creus winery. Naturally, he befriended Massimo Marchiori and Antonella Gerosa, the Italian couple who had been living in the area for many years. It was they who, visiting the Gismondi family in 2016, convinced Pasquale to present his wines out to the public. After a first exhibition in Cologne, and given the enthusiasm of their audience, they decided to gradually stop selling their grapes to the cooperative and develop their own production. In 2018, Pasquale and Maria retired and it was not until 2019, after having worked for some time in Zurich, that Antonio, his wife Anabel and their two daughters moved to Benevento.

At an altitude of 350-380 metres, the vineyards are spread over some 2 hectares of hilly, clayey and stony soil. The grape varieties are representative of local traditions, Malvasia di Candia and Falanghina for the whites, planted some 30 years ago on the south-western slopes, Sangiovese, Merlot and Freisa for the reds, planted just 6 years ago on the southern slopes.

The family has always cultivated its vines organically, without synthetic chemicals and in spite of themselves with peasant recipes similar to the precepts of biodynamics, following the common sense of the ancients.

The 2019 vintage marks Antonio's debut at the helm of the family estate, with the first four vintages featuring these aromatic grape varieties with saline and mineral notes. The wines are made as naturally as possible, without any inputs and aged in stainless steel tanks. The bottles are beautifully waxed and the label features the silhouette of the hills of Cerreto Sannita, the birthplace of the Gismondi family.

La Vinicola di Antonio Gismondi - the complete range

Winds from the Tyrrhenian Sea

The local climate, although continental, takes advantage of the humid winds coming from the Tyrrhenian Sea that collide with the southern peaks of the Apennines, inducing numerous rains and cooling these valleys located less than 60 kilometres from the Neapolitan coast.

In winter, night frosts and morning fogs are not uncommon. This micro-climate is reflected in the structure of Antonio's wines, which are southern in their aroma, but so fine and fresh.


The village of Cerreto Sannita, Italy

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