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Florence Bouleaux and Pierre Andrey, based in Metz, in the French Moselle, work respectively in environmental management and medical equipment. It was with their friends Michel Gahier and Alexandre Jouveaux that they became aware of viticulture and natural wines, and their vocation took shape. From harvest to harvest, they acquire knowledge and experience until they made their first vinified dame-jeanne, a Pinot Gris, in 2014. The beginning of a rich adventure...

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Cultivated grapesPinot Noir
First vintage2016
Size0.07 hectare
Our favoritesPN, GA, AUX

Dame Jeanne

Pierre Andrey, a timeless character from Franche-Comté, divides his life between weeks in Luxembourg, where he works as an engineer specialising in medical equipment, and evenings and weekends in his "vinerie" in the heart of Metz. Florence Bouleaux, his partner, originally from Strasbourg, works in waste treatment for the Metz agglomeration and has been supporting him since the beginning in this crazy dream.

It was their winegrower friends, Michel Gahier and Alexandre Jouveaux in particular, who introduced them to responsible winegrowing and natural wine-making. As soon as they have the time, the couple escape to the vineyards, taking part in numerous harvests, from Alsace to Beaujolais.

It all clicked in 2014, after the harvest at Bruno Schueller's, when they took with them about fifty litres of Pinot Gris, in exchange for their work, which they put for transport in... a demijohn. After a few months in the garage under their house in Metz, the result was surprising and the foundations of their adventure were laid.

Grapes harvested from friends in Alsace, Jura and Beaujolais, organic vines and hand-picked by Florence and Pierre themselves, to ensure a drastic sorting and to soak up the energy of the grapes. The harvest is brought back to Metz, first in the couple's garage and since 2020 in their newly installed "vinerie" in the middle of Metz, a few minutes from their home. To the batches of Gamay, Riesling, Gewürz, Pinot Noir, Gris or Auxerrois brought back from the four corners of France has been added since 2015 a vineyard of barely 0.07 hectares planted with Pinot Noir, in the village of Vaux on the outskirts of Metz.

The cellar equipment is basic, a small vertical press, a few vats for transporting the wine and more than two hundred meticulously lined up and labelled dames-jeannes. Pierre's medical precision can be felt in every detail. The vinifications are carried out naturally, without an ounce of sulphur or any other input. Grapes and time, that's all.

Each cuvée is unique, each dame-jeanne bottled separately. A first vintage of a thousand bottles, nearly three thousand the second vintage, the style is refined and precise year after year, the reception is directly at the rendezvous, wine merchants, restaurant owners and informed amateurs snatch up the precious bottles.

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Verba Pampinea

The labels on Florence and Pierre's bottles may seem quite complex at first glance, but they are full of scientifically precise information for those who know how to decipher them! Three types of cuvées: Vinae Florentes, from the rebêches or second presses, more immediate, supple and fruity wines; Verba Pampinea, pure expression of the terroir, ode to minerality and tension, deeper and more complex wines. Since the 2019 vintage, a third range, Via Concordiae, for terroir blends.

3 (Trois) AUX18dj55 can be read on the label of a random 2018 Auxerrois. The number of the cuvée first, 3, which can be found year after year, attached to a terroir, a vineyard. Then an indication of the grape variety, AUX for Auxerrois, PN for Pinot Noir, GA for Gamay... followed by the vintage, 18 and then the number of the dame-jeanne, 55 in this case, unique to the vintage. Finally, the bottles are numbered, by hand, from 1 to 60 or 66 depending on the number produced...

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