Mittelburgenland, Austria

Weingut Weninger

Petra & Franz

Born in 1979, Franz Junior returned to the family estate in Horitschon after training abroad, alongside his father, Franz Senior, in 2000. He finally took over the reins of the estate in 2011, with his wife Petra, and now manages the Hungarian and Austrian vineyards of the Weninger family...


Weingut Weninger at a glance

Cultivated grapesBlaufränkisch, Furmint
First vintage2000, pour Franz Junior
CertificationsOrganic agriculture (EU), Demeter
Our favoritesHochäcker, Furmint vom Kalk

The homeland of Blaufränkisch

The Weninger family has been cultivating the fertile land of Horitschon since 1828. Initially farmers, dedicated to all crops, the family increasingly focused on vineyards and wines when Franz Ludwig Weninger took over in 1983. He was the first to believe in the potential of sites such as Hochäcker, Kirchholz and Dürrau, which in his opinion were comparable to the best terroirs of Pomerol.

Franz Ludwig's son, Franz Reinhard, born in 1979 and trained at the Klosterneuburg School of Oenology, trained abroad before returning to Horitschon in the year 2000. He finally took over the reins of the estate in 2011, after first devoting himself to the family-owned vineyards in Hungary with his wife, Petra.

The estate is gradually going organic and then biodynamic, under the initiative of Franz "Junior", the indigenous grape varieties are honoured, especially the Blaufränkisch, icon of the range. A knowledge of the terroirs, an understanding of the particular geography of this corner of Europe, halfway between Austria and Hungary, a passion for perfection... Franz and Petra's wines are a deep reflection of their place of origin and give pride of place to tradition.

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Rage against the machine

In a region where machine harvesting is still common, Franz has been fighting for a long time to ensure that the more precise and more rewarding human work of the grape pickers is respected.

He created the "Rage against the machine" movement, which he proudly wears on his brightly coloured T-shirts, and which has spread like wildfire throughout the region, from Burgenland to Styria, where his winegrower friends are following his lead to defend their traditional practices more widely.

The village of Horitschon, Austria

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