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Yes, wine is being made in Belgium! In 2013, Servaas Blockeel planted his first vines on family land in the vicinity of Otegem, a suburb of Kortrijk. The grape varieties? Hybrids, white and red, with barbaric names, but which do not require any treatment. These are unusual wines, defending a new idea of viticulture...

Lijsternest at a glance

Cultivated grapesRondo, Solaris, Muscat Bleu...
Size4 hectares
First vintage2015
Our favoritesMagDa

Zero intervention

After studying agronomy, Servaas Blockeel has always been attracted to nature and agriculture, but he started his career in the family printing business for almost ten years. A strong desire to return to the land, to be independent and to express his creativity, to build something, pushed Servaas towards the vineyard.

In a country with barely 400 hectares of vineyards, he took the plunge, planting his first vines back in 2013 on a family plot of land in the suburbs of Kortrijk, which had never been cultivated and therefore never been chemically treated. Servaas plants hybrids, Solaris, Rondo, Muscat Bleu, Bronner, Roland, on the same plot of land, as a field blend. No interventions, no treatments, controlled grassing, a real desire to understand nature, his nature and to let the balance be done in the most natural way possible.

First harvest in 2015, gradually increasing from a few dozen bottles to nearly 3,000 per year today. The goal is 30,000 bottles when all the vines have reached their maximum production potential!

In the cellar, a wooden and straw little hut, a traditional press and eggs for fermentation, and lots of ideas to explore...

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The village of Otegem, Belgium

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