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Penedès, Spain

Partida Creus

Antonella & Massimo

An Italian couple who decide to leave the city to settle in the Spanish countryside, in search of a rhythm of life closer to nature. They fell in love with a forgotten vineyard on the heights of Bonastre and this was the beginning of a beautiful adventure. Wines that allow us to discover or rediscover indigenous grape varieties, two letters at a time...

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Cultivated grapesSumoll, Garrut, Macabeu...
First vintage2007
Our favoritesBS, XL, BRUTAL

An ode to forgotten varieties

VN, GT, BB... you've probably already seen these bottles with their recognisable labels. Antonella Gerosa and Massimo Marchiori, originally from the north of Italy, left their native land to settle in Barcelona in the mid-1990s to be closer to the sea. Introduced to the world of winegrowing by his uncle, Massimo was destined for a career as an engineer, while Antonella worked as a decorator. After a few years in this new life, they felt the need to escape from the city and go to the countryside.

It was in Bonastre, south of Barcelona, that they found the little piece of land they had been dreaming of at the turn of the century. Old vineyards replanted with olive and almond trees by the former owners, to which Massimo and Antonella gave a new life, working to replant the original, and often forgotten, grape varieties, Sumoll, Cartoixà Vermell, Bobal... witnesses of a long viticultural history in this region of Catalonia.

Over the years, their style has been refined and refined, and their wines are found on the greatest tables, from Spain to Denmark, before setting out to conquer the rest of the world, Tokyo, Paris or even New York, true ambassadors of their adopted land.

Their wines, the result of dedicated viticulture and winemaking with minimal intervention, represent the complex beauty of the Mediterranean landscape in a glass. Saline notes, delicate fruit, aromatic herbs... wines with a holiday feel, but with unparalleled energy and freshness.

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El Blanc del Boig

When they arrived in Bonastre and discovered a forgotten vine on their new plot of land, Massimo and Antonella decided to return the place to its original purpose. Gone were the olive and almond trees, and they replanted the vine, the same variety they had found by chance and about which no one in the village spoke any more: Sumoll. This was all it took for Massimo to be dubbed crazy by the elders, who were closely observing the couple's enterprise.

In 2007, when he harvested his first vintage, Massimo decided to make it into blanc de noir, and to thumb his nose at the suspicious locals, he named it "Blanc del Boig", literally the white of the madman, in Catalan.

The result was so satisfying that the reputation of the young estate soon spread beyond the borders of the village. Vintage after vintage, the style became more refined, the "Blanc del Boig" became "BS", for Blanc de Sumoll, and the old-timers in the village had long since stopped taking Massimo for a madman...

The village of Bonastre, Spain

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