Raphaël Beysang & Emélie Hurtubise

2021, a beautiful vintage

Fresh and crunch in the South Beaujo'

Since their debut in 2017, Emélie and Raphaël have never ceased to delight us with each new release of their wines. Each year we wait patiently for the end of November and the arrival of the Nouveau Litre, then with the return of spring it's the magnificent Paltières and Enculés that make their long awaited return!

This year is no different, the wines are fresh, juicy and crunchy as you'd hope, fruity and spicy Gamay as we like it, do not miss out... and as good news never comes alone, there is even a new cuvée, Vulvecania, a pet'nat mixing Gamay, Pinot Noir and Gamaret in a lively and dry sytle, beautiful...

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