Penedès, Spain

Amós Bañeres


A former pharmacist who, tired of standing behind a counter waiting for patients all day, decides to leave everything behind and sail the Mediterranean with his family for a year. On his return, the choice is made, he takes over the family vineyards and embarks on his new life...

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Amós Bañeres at a glance

RegionPenedès, Catalunya
VillageVilafranca del Penedès
Cultivated grapesXarel-Lo, Macabeu, Garnacha
First vintage2011
Our favoritesMissatge en una Ampolla, Sense Nom

A bottle to the sea

A former pharmacist in the Barcelona area, Amós Bañeres decided to change his life a few years ago. After a year of travelling the Mediterranean by boat with his family, he returned to his native Penedès, took over the family vineyards and embarked on his adventure.

Xarel-Lo, Macabeu, Parellada, Garnatxa Negra, several of the iconic varieties of Cava, the star sparkling wine of the Vilafranca region. Amós' family has been farming their land for several generations but are content to deliver the grapes to nearby cooperatives or producers, keeping just enough to produce a few bottles for their own consumption.

Amós takes a rational approach to viticulture, working organically but without following the dogmas of biodynamics, which he considers too strict. The limestone soils and rich and varied vegetation cover provide the ideal conditions for the vine to excel, and to concentrate in its grapes all the mineral richness and aromatic flavours of this Mediterranean climate.

Micro-vintages, gentle vinification with little intervention, but charged with a certain intention, Amós defends its style in an assertive way, giving time to time, but not neglecting any detail. The resulting wines have a complexity and richness that is all Catalan. Each sip takes us back to the heart of this vineyard, full of sun, sea air and the scents of the south.

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La bocca mas que la nariz

For Amós, the most important thing about a wine is not the scents that can be released, nor the aromas that can be perceived, but the living sensation that the wine gives when you drink it. That mineral freshness on the tongue, that excitement of the taste buds, that saline length that invites the next sip... "the mouth more than the nose", la bocca, mas que la nariz!

The city of Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain

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