Ayent, Valais

Domaine de Chèrouche

Andrea & Marc

Chèrouche, "under the rock", named after the wine district where Marc Balzan and Andrea Grossmann found their first vineyard in 2010, the beginning of a beautiful adventure. Today, nestled in Ayent, above Sion, they cultivate their vines surrounding the house, and produce true, lively wines, filled with all the freshness of the Alps...


Chèrouche at a glance

Cultivated grapesPinot Noir, Gamay, Chasselas, Arvine...
First vintage2010
Our favoritesLes Noces, L'Ayentôt, Le Clos

Heroic viticulture

It is between 550 and 850 meters of altitude, that Andrea and Marc take care of the Domaine de Chèrouche, in Valais, since 2010. At the beginning, nothing predestined them to become winemakers. Andrea, a teacher in the Zurich region, and Marc, a hotel manager in the canton of Geneva, met in 2007, during the harvest, and decided to buy their own vineyards... 1.2 hectares between Fully and Ayent. Since then, they have refocused their vineyards around the estate, on the heights of Sion, in Ayent.

A heroic mountain viticulture, which gives pride of place to local grape varieties and blends. The vineyards are managed in an organic and biodynamic way, in order to respect the plant and its environment. In the vineyards, sulfur and copper are used in "homeopathic" doses.

The work in the cellar, meticulous and precise, gives birth to wines full of finesse, true messengers of this so particular soil. Amigne, Petite Arvine, Pinot Noir, or Gamay, as many discoveries to be made... The wines are lively, full of energy and both the whites and the reds are a real pleasure to taste.

Domaine de Chèrouche - the complete range

Wines of the neighborhood

"Sous le Rocher", the name of the locality where the very first vineyard acquired by Andrea and Marc was located, gave its name to the Domaine. This history of vineyard districts will accompany the names of the couple's vintages throughout their history, from the parcels of the Madeleine just behind the house to the largest vineyards of Echert, Chèrouche will always have followed this tradition so Valaisan of the vineyard districts.

The village of Ayent, Switzerland

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