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Roussillon, France

Le Débit d’Ivresse


In the hills of Roussillon, a good forty minutes from Perpignan and already more than 300 metres above sea level, this is where Luc Devot works his magic with the local grape varieties, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah or Grenache Gris. Fine and fresh juices, with a southern flavour but with a mineral allure. Installed at the Cave Apicole since 2018, his work is to be followed closely...

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Le Débit d'Ivresse at a glance

Cultivated grapesGrenache, Mourvèdre, Grenache Gris...
First vintage2017
Size4 hectares
OUr favoritesHydrophobia, My Favorite Things

Flagrant débit

Luc Devot has had several lives, born in the Roussillon region and having passed through Paris and Bordeaux, he has been a sea fisherman, a cook, a festival organiser... his first harvest was with Jean-Louis Tribouley, who introduced him to natural wines, a world which led him to work with Loïc Roure of the Domaine du Possible and to become a volunteer at the "La Remise" wine fair, where he met many people, such as Bruno Duchêne, Axel Prüfer, Alain Castex and Nicolas Carmarans... the list is long!

It was at the side of Philippe Wies, at the Domaine de la Petite Baigneuse, where he worked for three years, in the vineyard and in the cellar, that he discovered the reality of the winegrowing profession. Finally, in 2017, after having gravitated around the world of wine for many years, he launched his own business, creating a trading activity and making his first juices, in the spirit of Roussillon, solidarity, mutual aid and sharing.

Then in 2018, Luc moved on, and it was in Estagel that he found a magnificent first parcel of almost 2 hectares, at an altitude of some 320 metres, on schist, planted in goblets of Grenache Gris, Mourvèdre, Grenache Noir... at altitude and inland, the maritime influence is minimal, the vines face north, and are protected from the aggressive rays of the midday sun, and have a front-row seat to the famous Tramontane wind

Since then, Luc Devot has been vinifying his juices with Sylvain Respaut and Olivier Cros, in the Cave Apicole, an old cooperative transformed into a "co-vinif" space by this group of friends. Mutual aid and sharing are the order of the day, the wines evolve in vats and then in barrels, the juices keeping all their freshness and the purity of the fruit, typical of Luc's style, with the sole aim of "transforming the grape into wine". Spicy and salty notes mark the origin of the grapes, the Mediterranean is not far away.

Each sip of his evocatively named cuvées is like a dip in the refreshing sea, inevitably leaving the desire for a second sip...

Le Débit d’Ivresse - the complete range

Amb Amics

Luc Devot's first cuvée of 2017, Amb Amics, takes its name from the local dialect and simply means with friends. A cuvée developed thanks to the encouragement of his winegrower friends in the region, notably Edouard Laffitte and Loïc Roure, then vinified under their benevolent eye.

The DNA of Luc Devot's wines finds its full meaning here, wines of friends that are shared with happiness and pleasure in this characteristic spirit of Jajakistan.

The village of Estagel, France

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