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Auvergne, France

Aurélien Lefort


We no longer need to introduce Aurélien Lefort, a winemaker as touching as he is talented, based in the green hills of Madriat, in Auvergne. His wines, all too rare, are always a moment of great emotion and contemplation...

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Aurélien Lefort at a glance

Cultivated grapesGamay, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
First vintage2011
Size1.5 hectares
Our favoritesNullepart Cedex, Prima

An artist with a tender heart

Aurélien Lefort was not destined to work in the vineyard after his initial studies in Fine Arts... but a series of encounters and discoveries, and the resulting emotions, led him to make his first wine-growing experiences in the Loire, with Michel Augé, at the Domaine des Maisons Brûlées.

In 2011, after participating in the grape harvest at Patrick Bouju's, the call of the Auvergne was felt. He settled there with his family and quickly recovered a few parcels, some abandoned, some damaged by chemicals. Aurélien set about giving them back the life they deserved with respect, passion and determination.

Settled near Madriat, he is now happy to evolve in the heart of nature, continuing to defend a delicate and meticulous approach, both in his vineyards and in the cellar. This personal and touching goldsmith's work gives birth to true "vins d'auteur", rare, striking, full of the quiet strength...

Aurélien has retained a strong artistic sensibility from his time at the Beaux-Arts, and it is he who designs each of his labels.

The village of Madriat, France

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