Piedmont, Italy

Chinati Vergano

Tommaso & Mauro

In the Vergano family, Mauro the uncle, patriarch, visionary, respected by all, teams up with the young Tommaso, his nephew, barely twenty, who takes over the destiny of this house in the heart of Asti, known far beyond the city walls for its "chinati"...


Chinato Vergano at a glance

ProductionVermouth, Chinato, Americano, Eau-de-vie
Founding date2003
Annual production10'000 bottles
Our favoritesAmericano, Chinato

Asti at aperitif o'clock

Asti, the Italian capital of aperitifs! This is where Mauro Vergano lives. He has spent a large part of his career working in the pharmaceutical industry, developing perfumes and aromas. A great lover of Vermouth, he has been making it since the 1970s for himself and his friends.

It was in 2003 that he decided to produce his Vermouth and other Chinati in a more commercial way, as his reputation already preceded him and everyone in the region was chasing the precious drinks of the famous Mauro.

These drinks, known as aromatized wines, or "vini aromatizzazi", are based on various macerations of herbs and plants in a mixture of water, sugar and alcohol, for about 20 to 25 days, which are then filtered and added to wine.

Chinato is made with rhubarb, aniseed or cardamom, and then mixed with Nebbiolo from Barbaresco. The Americano is a mixture of absinthe and gentian, mixed with red wine from Nadia Verrua. Luli is a "vino chinato", not a vermouth, a Muscat base, flavoured with orange, quinine, vanilla or cinnamon, for a sweeter and spicier result...

Today, the production reaches some 10,000 bottles per year, all products included, and Mauro can count on the support of her nephews Tommaso and Pietro. Chinati Vergano is in good hands!

Chinati Vergano - the complete range

A well-kept secret

Mauro Vergano is Pietro's uncle, who in turn is the husband of Nadia Verrua, who is none other than our favourite Piedmontese winemaker at the head of Cascina Tavijn in the hills above Asti. A few years ago, when Mauro was looking for a successor to take over the production of vermouths and chinati in the heart of Asti, Nadia's name came up. She was already making wine, already collaborating with Mauro on some of his aperitifs and the young woman was motivated and quite capable, in the eyes of everyone.

However... family secrets are not to be trifled with! The Chinato recipe must remain in the hands of a Vergano, and Nadia's husband Pietro is already busy with his restaurant and will not be able to take over the production. It is then that eyes turn to the young Tommaso, who has just finished his studies and is looking for a way out; it seems to be all set...

La ville d'Asti, en Italie

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