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Brugenland, Austria

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Based on the shores of Lake Neusiedl, just an hour south of Vienna, Austria, Claus Preisinger has conquered the world with his wines of magnificent depth, breaking all the established codes and restoring the nobility of the autochthonous grape varieties and the rich terroirs of that end of the Alps... DOPE!

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Claus Preisinger at a glance

Cultivated grapesBlaufränkisch, Grüner Veltliner
Size19 hectares
First vintage2004
CertificationsOrganic agriculture (AB), Respekt Biodyn
Our favoritesDOPE, Pinot Noir


Born in Eisenstadt in 1980, Claus Preisinger grew up in Burgenland, on the shores of Lake Neusiedl. He got involved with wine at a very young age, helping out his dad who owned 3 hectares of vines in the region. After studying at the Higher Federal Institute for Viticulture and Winegrowing in Klosterneuburg, Claus went gathering experiences around the world, and came back to his native Austria, working for three years on the sides of Hans Nittnaus, in the village of Gols.

During his time at Nittnaus', Claus started making his own wines, in the early 2000's, at this parents' winery with the family's grapes, fine-tuning his own style and vision. As he gradually took the family estate over, Claus planted and acquired new vines, totalling today some 19 hectares, with a majority of domestic grapes varieties such as Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, Grüner Veltliner or Saint-Laurent. Since 2006, all the vineyards are certified Respekt Biodyn, a popular biodynamic label in Germany and Austria.

The varied terroirs of the regions are the center piece of Claus' work, spread over the Leithagebirge, the last offshoot of the Alps, on the northern shore of the Lake Neusiedl to the Parndorfer Platte, east of the Lake to Weiden am See, Gols and Mönchhof. Beautiful soils of limestone and pebbles, or as one says over here, Kalk und Kiesel.

In the brand new, futuristic looking, cellar, built in 2009, no cultivated or selected yeasts, as little sulfur as possible, and lots of experimentation. Macerations, ageing in amphora, rosé Blaufränkisch, Pet'Nat... never short of ideas, Claus stands out as one of the most creative and inovative grower and wine maker in the area and a great testimony of a new generation ready as ever to drive the region's destiny forward.

As for the wines, they're as pure as it gets, testimonies of grapes and soils and an ode to Claus' free spirit.

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Pannobile... a name you might heard over and over again when touring vineyards in Burgenland. The winegrower's association was founded back in 1994 by seven producers all from the village of Gols, namely, Paul Achs, Matthias Beck, Hans Gsellmann, Gernot Heinrich, Matthias Leitner, Hans Nittnaus and Helmuth Renner. Their main goal was to establish a common quality standard for Burgenland, and define what a premium wine from the region should be like. A commitment to the soil, the character and the climate of their region.

The group was later joined by Gerhard Pittnauer, and in 2003 by Claus Preisinger, then the group's youngest member.

Each year, each of the members produce at least one white and one red wine marketed as Pannobile, a name echoing as a tribute to the Pannonian Plain, already recognised by the Romans back in the days, as a premium wine growing site.

The village of Gols, Austria

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