Alive and natural

Made from grapes coming vineyards that are cultivated in respect with nature and its cycles, the wines with select and offer are "made from grapes and only grapes", best expressing terroir and local know-how and transmitting in the truest way all of a vintage's characteristics. Wines with emotions, wines of discoveries, wines that feel real.

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    White, red, rosé or orange, there were will be some for all

    Wine that feels real and alive 

    Made from fermenting grapes, wine is and has always been part of our culture, for ever since ancien times, when our ancestors would turn the fruits of the vine into exhilarating drinks. Nowadays, a return to the wine's historic origins can be witnessed in Italy, France, Spain or Austria and more widely all over Europe and the world, as more responsible practices become to new norm. A clear call for change can be heard through the new generation of growers who often cite Jules Chauvet, Marcel Lapierre or no less than Pierre Overnoy as their role models.

    Organic agriculture, biodynamic principles, following the moon or planets cycles, using plants and natural minerals to heal or strengthen the plant are all parts of the ideas en vogue, following the writings of Rudolf Steiner amongst others. As a result the wines are as close as can be to the terroir, expressing a soil, a climate, un place, like no other. The local and indigenous grapes are back in focus, the forgotten techniques are in fashion again, and that all with only one goal in mind, producing better, fresher, more digest, fruitier, wines, that simply feel real and alive.

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