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Belly Wine Experiment

La Pinya, 2021

CHF 30.00
Domaine de Chèrouche

Les Lots, 2022

CHF 26.00
wines with no compromise

wines with no compromise

We share a passion, that of "living" wines. Wines made from grapes, nothing but grapes. Grapes coming from vines cultivated in organic or biodynamic agriculture, in a responsible way. Vines without synthetic products, herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides... vines that are clean, natural and full of life, and only then can they produce the best fruit.

Wines made by singular winemakers, from the four corners of Europe. Passionate and exciting personalities, determined and dedicated. They work in the cellar as they do in the vineyard, without inputs or additives and without resorting to modern winemaking techniques, respecting the expression of the fruit and the terroir. Here's to the vision of wine we defend.

Passion and determination

Passion and determination

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