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    There's something for all tastes !

    Whether you're looking for a bottle or a magnum of white wine for your aperitif, a fuller-bodied red to share with your friends or a bottle of bubbles to please your family, we have you covered... Wines from the Loire Vally with Thomas Batardière, the Auvergne with Catherine Dumora, Alsace and Jean-Pierre Rietsch, or maybe from Piedmont with Nadia Verrua or Catalunya with Partida Creus, explore our rich and varied range, representing the Swiss and European terroir.

    The cider or beer lovers won't be disappointed either. Some beautiful apple and pear ciders from Jacques Perritaz' Cidrerie du Vulcain in Treyvaux, ciders from Auvergne, Normandy or Switzerland, there's some for all. Finally, our deep beer, gueuze and lambic selection, ranging from Brussels' Cantillon to France's Brasserie des Voirons will pave your path into discovering this fascinating universe!

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